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Therese gathering
Cherry Bark.



Therese Fisher, Artist, Instructor & Reiki Master

I made my first basket in December of 2000 while at a meditation workshop on the coast of California. During one of the breaks I found myself holding a bundle various shades of raffia. It was a moment of enlightenment and inspiration as I sat and creatively wove while listening to the soothing sounds of the Pacific Ocean. I knew then that I needed to seek out the knowledge and wisdom of this craft.

Basketry appeals to my sense of structure and order but also allows room for my evolving wild and impulsive side. I consider myself to be an urban harvester. I love to gather materials; I love the challenge of the hunt! As a result, I use a large variety of materials, which lend themselves to an endless variety of techniques. No material gets overlooked be it traditional (bark, roots, grasses, etc.) or be it a long strand of box strapping hanging out of a dumpster. I believe in using what is available to me, and as a city dweller, sometimes that is trash! Not only does this provide fun and interesting design challenges, but also it has the pleasant side affect of reducing what goes to landfill.

As my technique and style evolve, so do I as a weaver, a healer and a human being. My current work expresses baskets as sacred spaces that hold energy and intention. There is an element of playfulness in every basket I make. As I explore a new material or technique there is always a joyful sense of fun and adventure in my heart that I invite you the viewer to experience be it in your home or on display in an exhibit.


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